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The LTG Blog is an outlet for players to be inspired and motivated to continue following their dreams in the game of basketball. With the objective to simply be a voice for players who “Love the Game,” this blog will start off as a website that will display the stories of professional basketball players who worked hard to get where they are today.

From this blog, not only will you be inspired, but you will understand that a professional athlete is a professional athlete no matter where you play and who you play with. If you truly Love the Game, you will allow it to take you on whatever journey is best for you.
Be inspired, be motivated and know that you can still live your dream if you remain faithful to it.

Our Mission

To infuse in young athletes the love of basketball, providing the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance and solidify the path to becoming a better athlete.

Love the Game exemplifies the passion each athlete should have for basketball. While the competition focuses mainly on the sport and technique of basketball, LTG provides an intense focus on captivating each client’s passion as the key in scoping their dream. Clients will be able to learn first-hand, from someone who was once in their shoes, the doors that hard work can open.

Director’s Vision

LTG will be known as an engaging, immersive skills development program that offers young athletes the opportunity to become mentally and physically prepared for the game of basketball while being respected and recognized for their passion and perseverance.

LTG will provide a legitimate basketball skills development experience to individuals who love basketball, shedding light to its students on all the avenues and options available for becoming a better athlete. LTG will also help clients focus on the importance of school in order to reach their dreams.

Through the program’s website and the leadership provided, young athletes will not only be able to gain skill and knowledge in order to amplify their love of the game, but also expand the scope of their dreams.

If you love the game, you’ll work hard and do what it takes to get better.

Brawley Chisholm, CEO, LTG

About Brawley Chisholm

brawley_chisholm2Growing up in New York City, living in Brooklyn and the Bronx, basketball was my way of staying out of trouble. As a young kid, I already had my mind made up that I would one day be a professional basketball player. It didn’t matter where I played on the basketball court or on the playground. I just loved the sport. As I got older, from middle school until my senior year of high school, I was always underrated, mostly because of my size. Players grew taller and got bigger, but I didn’t. However, this never bothered me. Instead, I used it as motivation. Being underrated did nothing but cause me to feel like I always had something to prove.

Although I loved the sport so much, I wasn’t presented with many opportunities to really practice and engage in this passion I had. After high school, opportunities for me to play basketball at a collegiate level were low for two reasons: GPA and my lack of exposure as a basketball player. The thought of possibly not being able to live my dream is why I preach to kids today the importance of school. “Without school, there can be no basketball”.

After having a standout senior season at Cherokee High School in New Jersey, my performance was not good enough to attract college coaches. Focused on reaching my dream and living my passion, I decided to go to prep school.

While playing at Genesis One Christian School in Mendanhall, Mississippi, I was able to join a team that was ranked 16th in the nation, allowing me to be ranked 98th in the nation as an individual player.

After prep school, I decided to go to Western Texas College. Western Texas College is in one of the best junior college conferences in the nation. Playing two seasons at Western Texas allowed me to showcase my skills on a college level. This eventually opened the opportunity to play at a Division 1 school–Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. After graduating from Ball State with a communications degree, I remained focused, took advantage of all my opportunities and made the best of them. Now I am a professional basketball player for the Harlem Globetrotters. I have played basketball in over 28 countries. I am traveling the world and living my dream with the support of my family and friends.

“Where I am now is proof that the story of my journey is real and relatable”.

About Jarrod Jones

jarrod_jonesGrowing up in Michigan City, Indiana, and having a basketball coach as a father, I fell in love with the game at a very young age. Living in a small city where exposure is almost impossible to gain forced me to work harder to get to where I am today.

After receiving the opportunity to play AAU the summer following my sophomore year of high school, I began getting recognized by Division 1 colleges. This fueled my drive, leading to a breakout junior year; however, many schools lost interest in me after I broke my leg the summer before my senior year of high school.

Although many schools that were once following my high school career no longer seemed interested, I ended up receiving a scholarship from Ball State University where I played every game with a chip on my shoulder to show everyone how hard I had worked to bounce back and continue living my dream. I was named “Freshman Player of the Year” and continued to have a successful season at Ball State University.

In 2012, I went undrafted but was picked up by the Sacramento Kings to play in the 2012 NBA Summer League. After the summer league, I made a decision to start my career overseas. So far, I have played professionally in Ukraine as well as Hungary, where I’ve won a championship as well as MVP.

By the grace of God, I continue to be successful and will show my appreciation by motivating, encouraging and creating opportunities for others to be successful in reaching their goals as well.

“No matter how many times you fall short of your goal, you don’t fail until you quit.”


About LTG

Love the Game is a New Jersey based sole proprietorship started in the summer of 2011 by Brawley Chisholm for both men and women. With a name that speaks for itself, Love the Game is a basketball skills development program whose objective is to instill passion and perseverance into the hearts and minds of young athletes, while also teaching and enhancing the art and technique of the sport.

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