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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Tyrell Biggs Hunger For More

Playing professional ball four years now, Tyrell Biggs has been named team leading scorer, twice; has been a NBA Development League Eastern Conference All Star; has been invited to the Cleveland Cavaliers training camp; and has been named Cup Championship Runner-Up for MVP.

Biggs realized he loved the game of basketball at a very young age, impressed by teams in the 90’s such as the Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic. In addition, Biggs was constantly around all types of sports including his grandfather who played basketball and softball, his father who played basketball, football and boxing, his older brother who played basketball and football, his uncle who was involved in martial arts and his grandmother who was involved in golf and bowling. Biggs recalls his family making sure Continue reading

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Tim Gittens Endless Headache

At the age of 36, Tim Gittens admits that he is never content and always ready and willing to work.

Growing up, Gittens was constantly around basketball players who were industry legends, including his father. Being around his Harlem Globetrotter father and friends, Gittens always felt nervous and intimidated when around such great individuals. Whenever Gittens would play basketball on the local courts, he would hide away or go sit on the bench if he saw his father anywhere around. The moment he lost sight of his father, he would return to playing. While basketball wasn’t his thing when younger, Gittens began playing more once his father passed away in order to feel closer to him, soon realizing basketball was what he was born to do all along.

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