Everage Richardson’s Dream Chase

“Everyone is not as fortunate as other players. It’s a part of the game and it’s a part of life.”

Ev Richardson says the game of basketball welcomed him with open arms at a young age. Growing up, family, friends and having access to basketball around his neighborhood is what got him started; however, his family and his drive is what has kept him going – wanting to see how far the game will take him and wanting to become the best player he can possibly be.

Like most children, Richardson played basketball just for fun, but over the years he noticed how much his passion and improvement was growing. At the age of 10, Richardson fell in love with the game, producing his decision to get serious about the sport, which he has been playing and loving ever since. “My meaning of Love the Game is loyalty, determination, hard work and consistency,” says Richardson, who believes basketball has been more like a teacher since it has been around him majority of his life. “It has kept me productive throughout the years with my idol time and has given me the work ethic and drive that is instilled in me today. It has disciplined me, matured me and prepared me for obstacles in life.”

Throughout his career, Richardson faced many obstacles before reaching his dream. From injury setbacks, doubtful thoughts and not knowing where he would be playing or how much he would play, Richardson once wondered if it was all worth it.

During his junior year at Coastal Carolina University, he was receiving playing time but was no longer enjoying the game due to the style his coach wanted him to play. Richardson felt limited and for the first time in his career considered quitting, but with discipline and motivation, he didn’t allow these doubts to break him or his dream. Once he recalled just how much he loved this game, he recognized that everything happens for a reason. Being able to play and remain committed helped Richardson gain the drive and mental toughness he possesses now. Richardson states, “Depending on how you deal with your obstacles determines the player you will become.”

Richardson now encourages youth to make the best of their situation no matter where and what level they are playing. “If you are doing what needs to be done as a player and doing it well, eventually that will not go unnoticed. If the NBA doesn’t notice, there are plenty of other opportunities to play and showcase your talent. There’s no goal that can’t be accomplished if you put your mind to it.”

People telling him what he CAN’T do has been a huge motivation for Richardson. “I feel like I am in a constant battle with myself to keep pushing in order to get to the level I feel I should be as a player,” says Richardson. “I understand that I am the only person who can stop me from being the best I can be.”

Richardson’s family has been his biggest influence, being the most supportive and always in his corner. From his mother, his grandmother and his brothers who also played ball, they have all been an influence on each other. Richardson always watched his older brother play. So growing up behind him had a positive impact. When Richardson’s time came, he felt he had to have the same influence and impact on his younger brother who is now watching him. “They all had an impact on me in some way; helping me stay strong mentally and helping me believe I can achieve my dream.”

Richardson has been playing in Germany for four years. He has also played in the regional tournament in San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic for two springs. Teams include Bodfeld Baskets in Germany and Miramar in the Dominican Republic. During this time, he has been named World’s Leading Scorer for 2012 and Player of the Year for the 2012-2013 season.

Making sure he stays healthy in order to continue playing and succeeding at his highest potential, Ev Richardson sees nothing but bigger and better opportunities in his future.

“There are going to be ups and downs throughout your career. How you deal with it is what makes you who you are. The more you endure the better you can and will be successful.  Success will then feel that much better once reached.” – Ev Richardson

Written by Erica Wright

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