Antawn Dobie Is Antifreeze

At the young age of 12 Antawn Doubie  figured out his ticket and how going to make it through school, basketball. A natural athlete and doing well in anything he tried it was basketball that gave him the internal excitement. Play after play I was able to entertain and all eyes were on me. Doubie was able to take that energy and excitement and come back each week with something new sure to wow his coaches and the crowd.

Playing for his first organized team, StarClaire Lakers in North Carolina, they went 22-0, won the championship, and Doubie was league MVP setting a new scoring record of 34pts in the championship game.

Twenty two years later Doubie still thrives off of the energy he receives on the court.

” The feeling you get when you walk in a gym and majority of those inside not only know who you are but are possibly there to watch you play is priceless.”

For Doubie, lessons learned in basketball such as: communication and people skills, working within a team, and social interaction skills have helped him off the court.

“All of those things are used in everyday life and allows you to interact with people different according to their personality. After 10 years of playing abroad it also helps you bridge the gap in the language barrier that exists.”

Part of A Doubie exists solely because of his love of the game. See his impressive résumé below.

10yr Pro

• France 03-04 (Epinal), Poland 04-05 (Koszalin) same yr Belgium Feb-May (Pepinster), Turkey 05-06 (Beykoz), Turkey 06-07 (Dascka), Turkey 07-08 (TED Koleji), France 08-09 (Nanterre), Argentina 09-10 (Lanus), Israel 10-11 (Lev Hasharon), Turkey 11-12 (Selcuk Konya), Turkey 12-13 (Trabzon Spor)

• 2nd team Beko TBL 05-06, Allstar & 2nd team Beko TBL 06-07, 1st team all league TB2L & 1st team All Imports 11-12 season

                                                    Written by Sierra Green





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