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Derek Williams Seizing The Moment

“For me, Love the Game means appreciating the sport and valuing every opportunity it gives you to succeed in life,” says professional ball player Derek Williams.

Derek Williams has been playing basketball for three years and feels blessed to be able to say he has loved every experience of it.

Williams started his career in Latvia where he played for Vef Riga and the Riga Barons. In his second year, he started out playing in the NBA Development League for the Texas Legends followed by an opportunity to return to Europe where it all began. Continue reading

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Tyrell Biggs Hunger For More

Playing professional ball four years now, Tyrell Biggs has been named team leading scorer, twice; has been a NBA Development League Eastern Conference All Star; has been invited to the Cleveland Cavaliers training camp; and has been named Cup Championship Runner-Up for MVP.

Biggs realized he loved the game of basketball at a very young age, impressed by teams in the 90’s such as the Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic. In addition, Biggs was constantly around all types of sports including his grandfather who played basketball and softball, his father who played basketball, football and boxing, his older brother who played basketball and football, his uncle who was involved in martial arts and his grandmother who was involved in golf and bowling. Biggs recalls his family making sure Continue reading

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Tim Gittens Endless Headache

At the age of 36, Tim Gittens admits that he is never content and always ready and willing to work.

Growing up, Gittens was constantly around basketball players who were industry legends, including his father. Being around his Harlem Globetrotter father and friends, Gittens always felt nervous and intimidated when around such great individuals. Whenever Gittens would play basketball on the local courts, he would hide away or go sit on the bench if he saw his father anywhere around. The moment he lost sight of his father, he would return to playing. While basketball wasn’t his thing when younger, Gittens began playing more once his father passed away in order to feel closer to him, soon realizing basketball was what he was born to do all along.

Continue reading

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Haron Hargrave Pure as H20

As someone who was never expected to play Division I or professionally, Haron Hargrave has made it his business to have more going on than just playing basketball something that a lot of others don’t do in his opinion.

“I don’t define myself as just a basketball player which I don’t think other people do anymore. To still be able to focus on basketball and do what I do on and off the court, and be good. I really don’t know what I want to do but I keep my name out there and fresh,” Continue reading

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Eugene Lawrence Road to Success

Currently playing in the Ukrainian Superleague for Hoverla Ivano – Frankivsk, professional basketball player Eugene Lawrence has made a huge name for himself overseas in the past five years.

During his first season in 2008, Lawrence played in Slovakia for BK AX SPU Nitra. Not only did he experience a championship win but, he was also named Player of the Year. For the next two seasons, Lawrence played in Czech Republic for BK Prostejov. Although he and his teammates made it to the finals, they unfortunately came up short, placing second for both the 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 season. During his fourth season, Lawrence continued playing in Czech Republic for CEZ Nymburk. Reaching the finals yet again, he and his team were Continue reading

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Gary Flowers Clean Slate

There he sat, inside the Prudential Center with family and friends waiting to hear commissioner David Stern call his name to see where he’d be whisked away to do his photo shoots, meet and greet and press. The ultimate icing on the cake, to have all of his hard work over the years recognized. The victories and challenges would all be worth it to finally reach the NBA and become a household name.

Gary Flowers of Dallas,TX had entered his name into the draft after his junior season, then ranked number one in the country, but after a few workouts he was advised to go back to school and work harder. Work harder is exactly what Flowers did.

Continue reading

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Garnett “Big Ticket” Thompson

Motivated by competition, crowds, supportive fans and the overall action that comes with playing a sport, Garnett Thompson has been playing basketball since the age of 11 when he first realized he had the talent to play. 

As a child growing up in Far Rockaway, Queens, Thompson’s dad would always take him to the park to play basketball with him. Thompson expressed that throughout this time, he was young, narrow minded and was all about just playing basketball; however, as the years went on, he realized that it was more than just a game – it was a lifestyle. “I’ve experienced so many things, cultures, and countries by playing basketball, says Thompson. “It has definitely helped me Continue reading

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Chudney Gray’s Takeover

With over 13 seasons under his belt, Middle East ball player Chudney Gray was first introduced to the game of basketball at age 6 and has been playing ever since. With many people in his life, including his father, keeping him focused and helping to achieve his goals, the road was not always easy for Gray.

Remembering his time as an underdog, Gray placed a lot of pressure on himself to play and do well; however, while attending St. John’s University, he was not given the same opportunities to play as other guys on his team, naming his college years as probably the toughest time he had to deal with. Continue reading

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Chi-Town’s Jewel Anthony Newell

After losing in the semi finals, Chile basketball star Anthony Newell is now headed home to Chicago with not a clue of what’s next for him. This is his first year back after taking a hiatus from the game to follow what he thought God’s plan was for him in becoming a minister.
“I thought that’s what God was calling me to do, says Newell, “It just wouldn’t die, my dream, my love for the game just wouldn’t die. It was God telling me to continue on. I feel like it was a test to see if I was willing to give up the game that I love so much.”
Newell credits God for opening the door for his return but he knows these chances wouldn’t have come without his hard work.

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