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Milani Malik Destined 4 Greatness

Milani Malik

Blessed with her own mouth guard line in support of breast cancer, in conjunction with top dentist Dr. Lee Gause and world famous boxer Floyd Mayweather, Milani Malik is proof that dreams can come true when you work hard and remain focused.

Milani Malik has been playing professional basketball for 3 years with teams in Trinidad and Tobago, Montenegro, Men’s Professional ABA for the NYC Thunder and is currently playing in Aulnoye Aymeries.

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Chi-Town’s Jewel Anthony Newell

After losing in the semi finals, Chile basketball star Anthony Newell is now headed home to Chicago with not a clue of what’s next for him. This is his first year back after taking a hiatus from the game to follow what he thought God’s plan was for him in becoming a minister.
“I thought that’s what God was calling me to do, says Newell, “It just wouldn’t die, my dream, my love for the game just wouldn’t die. It was God telling me to continue on. I feel like it was a test to see if I was willing to give up the game that I love so much.”
Newell credits God for opening the door for his return but he knows these chances wouldn’t have come without his hard work.

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