Improve Your Game


The goal of our camp is to provide every camper, within an advanced development atmosphere, the basic fundamentals necessary to play basketball and to improve as a player. We emphasize the fundamentals. Every camper will be shown what to practice, how to practice and more importantly HOW TO LOVE THE GAME. Everyone will receive plenty of individual attention. We want each camper to be a better basketball player on and off the court when the week is over.

Professional Athletes

Many of our camp counselors have had the opportunity to play at the professional level and as a result will be able to provide camp participants with expert level skills training.

Personal Connection

Camp staff take time throughout the camp to really get to know campers in order to truly provide the support, encouragement, and motivation that they will need to succeed.

Coach Brawley providing instruction to a group of campers

Detailed Instruction

Campers receive detailed, expert instruction that they will be able to continue to work on long after the camp, allowing them to see real results come season time or whenever they play.